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Mar 2, 2018

LARA V3.0.10.8 patch available

A new LARA patch is available for download

A new LARA V3 patch release (LARA V3.0.10.8) is available at

Please note that:

  • NM B2B server certificate has been renewed, and therefore the LARA trust store containing the NM B2B certificates has been updated in V3.0.10.

Users that do not update to the latest patch release will need to manually update their trust store in LARA in order to continue to connect to NM.

The updated trust store file can be downloaded here. Once the file is downloaded, you will then need to update the “NM_B2B.TRUST_STORE” resource in serverSettings.gsdk to indicate the location of this file.

  • LARA V3.0.10.8 is configured by default to use NM B2B 20.0 services. With the update of NM systems to 22.0 in May 2018, NM B2B 20.0 will no longer be supported.

In anticipation for this event, you can manually modify the default URLs used for B2B connection to use current NM B2B 21.5 in the serverSettings.gsdk file.

//@description URL for NM web services


//@description URL for NM web services


//@description URL for NM web services


//@description URL for NM web services