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May 11, 2018

LARA V3.0.11.8 release available

A new LARA patch is available for download

A new LARA V3 release (LARA V3.0.11.8) is available at

This provides a high-level summary of the changes that have been implemented by Graffica for LARA V3.0.11.8.

Mantis Ticket ID




Update NM B2B URLs from 20.0.0 to 21.5.0

All default B2B URLs updated to latest NM version 22.0.0.


User preferences generate problems when login into LARA

Column sorting in PPT CDR segments table prevented login.


LFR9H1/2/3 wrong timesheet

Copied and pasted timesheets are now userdefined.


Observed reservation slot time in the APD Gantt differs from the

Reservation Editor value

Slots displayed with incorrect time in planning chart when rescaling chart with airspace not in currently displayed preference. See also 2455.


LARA ARES Displayed on

Incorrect Date and on

One LWP Only

Slots displayed at incorrect date/time in planning chart when only time buffer encroaches into another user’s planning chart view when activity created. See also 2455.


End of reservation later than UUP allocation

Fixed instances in PRISMIL reports where the end of the used activation of an airspace were later than what has been allocated in the UUP.


Refresh booking slots more

Modified logic of planning chart to refresh more booking slots’ locations based upon positions.