Notice 01/2021




Number 01/2021

Issued on 28-01-2021

Valid until: UFN

Issued by LARA Team


FMTP connection to LARA V3.1 and V3.2 servers.

LARA server sends over its FMTP interface airspace activation messages.
These messages are:

  • Pending – indicating that the airspace will shortly (user parameter) become active,
  • Active – indicating that the airspace is active, and
  • Inactive – indicating that the airspace is inactive.

Recently, there was a case where two back-to-back bookings for the same airspace and levels resulted in a single Active message for the first activation with an end time matching that of the first booking. At the time of the end of the first booking, corresponding to the start of the second booking, a second Active message was sent updating the end time of the activation to the end time of the second booking.

There was no Pending message sent for the second booking and the second Active message has been sent too late to indicate in time the second activation.

The fix, included in LARA, will introduce a Pending message giving pre-notification for the second activation.

In case of any questions please contact the LARA Team

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