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Q1: If LARA Server is not connected nor to the Internet, nor to (new)PENS, is it possible to submit automatically AUPs/UUPs to NM ?
Q2: If LARA does not allow me to adapt my AUP/UUP according to special wishes, can I still adapt the one generated by LARA before sending it to NM?


[Airspace Booking]

Q3: New airspace definition have been created/imported, but we can not book them.


A1: Yes, from any LARA Client either connected to the internet/(new)PENS, either having access to email or remote network capabilities (s)ftp/shared drive. You can then save it [To File] in AIXM format, either as mail attachment, either to a specified directory. From there, full exchange automation can be ensured by tools such as the B2Bsender.
A2: Yes, saving the AUP/UUP [To File] in AIXM format allow to use any text editor to adapt it as required, and then send it via the B2Bsender.

A3: Check with your Housekeeper that:

  • your User’s role is entitled to book these airspace, and
  • an Agency is declared as Responsible for these airspace.
  • Check also via the Windows/ Preferences menu item in your APD that these airspace appear on the right-hand side of the airspace list.