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Apr 10, 2020

LARA V3.2 release available

A new LARA V3.2 Release is available for download

The new LARA V3.2 Release (LARA V3.2.0.11) is available for download at

The associated Release Note provides a high-level summary of the changes since the last release.


Important Notes and Recommendations for the use of V3.2:

  • The use of the “Minimum Area Opening time” buffer in AUP/UUP generation could:

- Incorrectly place NAM “bridge” reservation in Charlie section

- In some cases fail to generate AUP/UUP


- We recommend not to use this buffer when generating AUP/UUP

  • Ending a reservation for which a release has been scheduled could cause the airspace status to be inactive but displayed as released


- Do not use the “End reservation” button during an active release, edit the end time instead.

  • Do not start a LARA Client from non-MsWindows / non-KDE desktop environment.


- In order to avoid having a non-responding LARA Client, use only the 2 here-above mentionned environmemts.

For further details and workarounds see the associated Delivery Log and/or contact the LARA Team.