Notice 05/2021




Number 05/2021

Issued on 12-05-2021

Valid until: UFN

Issued by LARA Team


The following Notice describes a problem with the interface between LARA and NM25.0 CHMI (CIAM). The issue could be observed when importing LARA’s AUP/UUP exported in .aca format into CIAM.


Issue: ACA incompatibility with NM25.0 Affected software: LARA Server

Description: When generating an AUP/UUP in LARA and exporting it into ACA format, the exported file will not be correctly imported into CIAM via CHMI due to changes in the ACA format introduced by NM25.0. This can be noticed by inspecting the fields Responsible Unit and FIR/UIR of the imported AUP.

This incompatibility affects as well ACA import into LARA, when CHMI 17.0 (NM25.0) is used to produce the ACA file.

Note that all current LARA releases (V3.0 / V3.1 / V3.2) are affected as, unfortunately, the backward compatibility with NM24.0 is not implemented in NM25.0.

Note also that provision of AUP/UUP in ACA to CADF is considered as one of the backup solutions in the AMC-NM Agreement.

Reproduction steps:

1) - Create an AUP in LARA.

- Export the AUP in ACA.

- Import the AUP into CIAM using CHMI 17.0.

2) - Create an AUP using CHMI 17.0

- Export the AUP in CHMI using ACA format.

- Import the ACA AUP in LARA.

Temporary workaround:

As a temporary measure, the AUP Reader add-on can be used to generate the ACA file in NM25.0 format. Refer to the instructions described below for further guidance

Fix: A software fix will be included in the future LARA V3.2.3 patch.

AUP Reader

The LARA AUP Reader is a LARA Add-On that allows to retrieve AUP/UUP information in multiple formats using either a simple Web Browser interface, either a command line.

The module requires the configuration of a Web Server using a PHP extension, and the wkhtmltopdf module if used for pdf generation.

Once the module is installed, the interface can be easily accessed via a standard Web Browser.


The use of the option “Extract AUP/UUP in ACA” allows to retrieve the plan under ACA format. In order to ensure that it will be aligned to NM25.0 format, you have to ensure that the “sql/AUP_ACA_AREAS.sql” query has an additional “\ “ in the SELECT statement, close to the TSA row:

SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER() "Nr", "Area/FBZ", "MNM FL", "MAX FL", "WEF", "TIL", 'TSA\' "Type",...


From a command line, you can simply execute the associated .bat command, or have it executed as a repetitive Scheduled Task (under MS-Windows, or equivalent .sh script or cronjob task under Linux).


In case of any questions please contact the LARA Team

A LARA NOTICE is issued and distributed among LARA Users to inform the LARA Community about observations, important changes and related limitations in regard to the operational use of the LARA Software. Please ensure that relevant personnel is informed about this LARA NOTICE.