Notice 03/2015



Number 03/2015

Issued on 05-10-2015

Valid until: UFN

Issued by LARA Team


If the Manual Mode of Activation is used, the following erroneous behaviour is observed on all current versions of LARA:

In case a reservation is approved by the Top of Chain after the reservation start time, the system will not send out the confirmations/acknowledgements required, and consequently will not display the airspace as active.

To avoid this situation, such reservation shall be cancelled and reintroduced with a start time in the (very near) future.

In case of any questions please contact the LARA Team


A LARA NOTICE is issued and distributed among LARA Users to inform the LARA Community about observations, important changes and related limitations in regard to the operational use of the LARA Software. Please ensure that relevant personnel is informed about this LARA NOTICE.