Notice 03/2017



Number 03/2017

Issued on 18-10-2017

Valid until: UFN

Issued by LARA Team


Consistency between LARA database and NM ENV DB is paramount for completeness of AUP/UUP publication.

Recently, there was a case where a LARA DB had not been updated to the latest AIRAC dataset which led to a FUA Restriction not being part of the LARA DB, thus not included in AUP publication. Such incompleteness of planning data could lead to some safety implications.

Housekeepers shall be aware of planned updates of national ASM data and ensure these data are properly introduced in LARA, i.e. in these cases, download the latest EDQ dataset and update your LARA DB. LARA Team is currently improving the notification mechanism of EDQ to ensure notifications are sent for relevant updates in the future.


In case of any questions please contact the LARA Team


A LARA NOTICE is issued and distributed among LARA Users to inform the LARA Community about observations, important changes and related limitations in regard to the operational use of the LARA Software. Please ensure that relevant personnel is informed about this LARA NOTICE.