Notice 10/2019




Number 10/2019

Issued on 03-10-2019

Valid until: UFN

Issued by LARA Team


A problem has been identified in all LARA V3.1 versions affecting the cleanup of historical data.

Under specific circumstances, the cleanup process will remove data which is necessary to form a valid historical snapshot, resulting in exceptions when using the LARA Historical Web Services.

Users are advised to:

1) Disable the History Retirement functionality in the LARA Server settings (enabled by default):

- serverSettings.gsdk

//@description Set whether history data in the LARA database history schema should be deleted automatically during retirement. WARNING: deleted history cannot be recovered by LARA.

2) Avoid using the History Retirement function in the LARA Housekeeper:

History Retirement in Housekeeper

This functionality will be disabled in the next LARA V3.1 patch. Cleanup of history will be supported on a case by case basis by the LARA Team if required.

In case of any questions please contact the LARA Team

A LARA NOTICE is issued and distributed among LARA Users to inform the LARA Community about observations, important changes and related limitations in regard to the operational use of the LARA Software. Please ensure that relevant personnel is informed about this LARA NOTICE.